AK INFOPARK is a full service IT Company helps clients to develop business models for the new age. Our esteemed clients are located in India and overseas countries. Our comprehensive service ranges from media creative, search, analyst, media &social. Our dedicated team thrives to satisfy the need of our clients and give them the best solution to their pain areas of business. We have more than 250 clients in India and overseas and we have a strong vision to reach 1,000 clients in coming years &to establish itself in the overseas market.


We are committed to earning our clients trusts through outstanding execution and uncompromising dedication to their success.


We are driven by our passion for understanding the evolving digital marketplace by our curiosity to explore new strategies. We strive to achieve the partnership with clients that accomplish goals through integrated solutions and focused thinking strategies.

Our Infrastructure

About the Company: AK info park is a leading IT solution established in 2017. They have adopted an approach that sees the strategy, web design, search optimization, research, mobile friendliness, user experience. They provide e to end digital marketing campaigns and are pioneers in design, development &technology nd

Services: Digital Marketing, Website Designing, SEO, Application Development and Social Media, Animation and Automation.

Located at: Nagercoil, Tamilnadu, India.

Team size: 25 team members including technical managers, team leaders, Programmers, Tech support Engineer, Tester, Designers& SEO resources.

Why AK Infopark?

For our Clients, A.K INFO PARK is the most obvious choice since we provide Wide Range of IT Solutions with Client Friendly Support and guiding the Client to Successful Implementation of the System. Our Team analyzes the difficulty that the Client is facing with the existing System or in their Business Processes. We then design the System which Client and his Team can use for a long time to get the benefit in their business. At A.K INFO PARK, we are focused on the needs of our clients and provide solutions towards those needs which are not easily catered by other Readymade Solutions available in Market. With our diversified Services, we take most of the Clients IT Services in our hand so that Client gets a One Point Solution and he can focus on his business. A.K INFO PARK has a wide range of Experience in handling of Complicated Business Procedures and Flows and Requirements and provides a doable Solution which can be implemented in Client's Business scenario. Before developing any solution, we do an in-depth analysis of the requirements and guide our team to the successful implementation of the Solution. The automation provided by us is used by clients for years and those systems are rugged and utilized to the maximum capacity making us satisfied and proud of providing such solutions.


Quality is an Integral Part of Organizations Success or Failure. The success of A.K INFO PARK is because we thrive continuously towards better and better Quality of Solutions with Ease in Operations and with minimum Errors or Bugs. As a Development Company, we except that however established the company is, Bug-Free Solutions are virtually impossible to imagine but bugs and errors can be controlled by Proper Testing Methods. Our Programmers first test the Forms / Modules which they have developed using manual Testing methods and carry out a basic Programmer Level Testing. We request Clients to provide us their Real Data on Excel Sheets so that the Programmers have the know-how of the Clients real data rather than the Test Data. They do the basic testing with the client data and prepare the Forms/Modules. They check for the interconnectivity and dependency of forms/database and pass the work to the Testers who in turn test thoroughly with the application of all possible events and circumstances. We thus thoroughly test the Software under all possible data conditions. During the Phases of Implementation of Software or Website, our team interacts with Clients and guides them to successful usage of the same. We provide training at the Client Site of needed. In Short as per the definition of Software Quality In the context of software engineering, software quality measures how well software is designed (quality of design), and how well the software conforms to that design (quality of conformance). It is often described as the 'fitness for purpose' of a piece of software. A.K INFO PARK tries to match this Definition.

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